Stopping for a Breather at this Scenic Spot ...

you gaze in wonder at the ...

  1. frozen waterfall promising an ice climb to an encrusted ruby giant lichen,
  2. natural marble arched and flittering moon phantoms,
  3. cantilevered shell house over an iridescent tar pit,
  4. petrified agate tree house platform,
  5. geyser of azure water and the rainbow panoply of extremophiles,
  6. three great converted mass ejectors,
  7. bridge of crystalline needles,
  8. grand yellow glass staircase sidling sensuously up the mountainside,
  9. red bubble hull of a long-punctured pleasure dome,
  10. dragon waterfall jangling in the sculpted wraith-kept garden,
  11. pristine pink ice cave above a glimmering green-snowfield,
  12. fallen titanic turquoise hand wedged between two redwoods,
  13. giant rib cage gate with enigmatic quadrilateral glyphs,
  14. bone dolmen rising above the little shingle hut,
  15. way-shelter wedged in the metal skull of a great iron giant,
  16. four pillars of quartz forty feet high,
  17. flash-frozen school of fish in midair,
  18. vertical reality dislocation gate shearing the hillside,
  19. toppled obsidian monolith used as a foot bridge,
  20. pit of toxic liquid amber refuse from the WTF,
  21. three plaza-stone benches perched incongruously on a broken bridge support,
  22. bloodbush garden nestled in the vermillion marble canyon,
  23. crackling lightning spewing from the blue-glowing gash in the glassy earth,
  24. long line of petrified crucified penitents stretching up the mountain side,
  25. mountain that turns out to be the cyclopean terraces of attendant structure 4,
  26. fungus webbed violet crystal wreckage of WTF 6,
  27. wondrous livingstone double tunnels piercing right through the flank of the mountain,
  28. smoothly sliding mythic round door beneath a jaspis overhang,
  29. regenerating bulk of a bound and decapitated great war beast pinned beneath a great yellow rock,
  30. fruitful chestnut tree surrounded by soft downy grass and little yellow flowers.

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