What Treasure Did the Owners of this House Own ...

  1. a blood-bound heirloom (1: spear, 2: shield, 3: mask, 4: fur coat, 5: mail glove, 6: optic soul valve) priceless to the bearers of the blood but imbued with a soul-eating mind-core (1d6 x 500 silver),
  2. a masked bear fur (1d6 x 10 silver),
  3. a polished lake whale ivory and blood ebony game table (1d6 x 50 silver),
  4. a mended ceramic bowl depicting the _Fishing Trip of the Golden Son_ (1d6 silver),
  5. a threadbare tapestry of the _Apotheosis of Adam in Zlatoust_ (1d6 silver),
  6. four cloaks of the clan of the (1: fox, 2: bear, 3: stag), patched and cleaned (4d6 silver),
  7. a brass and cedar chair with carvings of the _Hand of God's Deliverance Against the Wrath of the Khan_ (2d6 silver),
  8. a copper coffee set with a tin of _Il Moro Robusto, Finest Delivery, Morjanska Grade III_ (5d6 silver),
  9. a leather medicine bag with herbs, needles, bone saw, pestle and _Optical Wand of Insightful Blood Sampling_ (1d6 x 10 silver),
  10. spider-silk bed-drapes embroidered with scenes from the _Glorious Barricades of Green County_ (1d6 x 5 silver),
  11. a pair of silken slippers imbued with the spirit of silence that awakens to the essence of tangerine (2d6 x 10 silver),
  12. a wooden jewelry box decorated with gold leaf and mother-of-pearl, holding a gridded lambskin leather coverlet and 181 malachite and 180 jaspis stones in two cedar bowls (1d6 x 100 silver),
  13. a holy (1: rustuman balance, 2: tsarist hand, 3: khanate axehead, 4: monkey-god skull, 5: sandal, 6: book of madness) bound in plaza-scales (2d6 x 50 silver),
  14. a pair of warm gloves embroidered with (1: doves, 2: loaves, 3: stones, 4: swords, 5: peaches, 6: seals) (1d6 x 50 silver),
  15. the necklace of fire garnets and ambers _Silver Tongue Heart_ that boils the blood and inspires song and rhetoric (1d6 x 100 silver),
  16. the clockwork owlbear automaton _Johanssen the Owlbear_, capable of amusing dance and wonderful serving (1d6 x 50 silver),
  17. the many-chambered glass-and-gold pot of wine and woe engraved with the _Judgment of the Sybarite_ (1d6 x 100 silver),
  18. the blood-gold cache for hard times hidden in a burnt-clay pig of fortune (1d6 x 1000 silver),
  19. the blue-paper plaz scroll annotated by _Rabotev the Uncensorious_ depicting the first two steps of the creation of the skeletal servants according to the _Ordinances of Turalia, Fourth Analysis of Leo_ (1d6 x 500 silver),
  20. the trapped lead chest holding the (1: burden beast modulator, 2: field-forcing modulator, 3: plazman-chest child-rearing unit, 4: beast-egg mass kit, 5: program / converter living-stone house seed, 6: omm box organic source generation box), a wondrous rarity from an older time (2d6 x 1000 silver).
But How Well Is it Hidden?
  1. very well (DC 20),
  2. quite well (DC 15),
  3. it's out of sight (DC 10),
  4. it's right there, in plain sight,
  5. the owner is carrying it,
  6. it's not really here, whoever suggested it was, was a bumbling liar.

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