d62 Table: Plague Stalks These Lands

... and you encounter:
  1. philosophers waiting in dread symposium for the plague to arrive, 
  2. a sailor preaching the end of the world,
  3. a boat beached on the shore, filled with torn sacks of corn and the corpses of plague rats,
  4. a woman having visions of the spirits of the dead,
  5. a vision - a spirit of a divine being walking silently, judgmentally,
  6. a vision - a spirit of light striking this or that part of a person's body,
  7. a man uttering the holiest of names trying to exorcise a spirit,
  8. a holy sanctuary full of hungry refugees,
  9. a sanctuary filled with the dying,
  10. two bodies and a dying dog by a crossroad shrine,
  11. a couple barricaded in their room, hiding,
  12. a young seamstress crying for help, locked away in a cellar,
  13. a shouting widower calling the spirits to take him,
  14. a traveler beating a door, begging to be let in,
  15. a dream of a spirit standing, looming, over a body,
  16. a voice from the sky prophesying that your name is written among those about to be struck,
  17. a peddler struck by a sudden seizure,
  18. a wine merchant grabbed by a sudden fever,
  19. a lethargic youth mumbling in waking fever dreams,
  20. a beggar crying on the ground with buboes in the groin,
  21. a violently delirious inn-keep,
  22. a young woman lying in deathless sleep in a tower surrounded by thorn bushes,
  23. a confused old lady who has forgot all who are familiar,
  24. a pile of dead, buboed rats ripening in the sun,
  25. a soldier lying neglected and comatose beneath a baobab tree,
  26. a sleepless priest, victim of distorted, paranoid imagination,
  27. an excitable student rushing here and there, crying at the top of his voice,
  28. a hungry nurse with trouble eating,
  29. a butcher mad with hunger throwing himself off a height,
  30. a shepherd in great pain from swollen buboes,
  31. a dying driver broken out in lentil-sized black pustules,
  32. a maid suddenly vomiting blood as she speaks,
  33. bodies stacked in the open like firewood,
  34. a blood-soaked priestess lying next to a fresh grave,
  35. a breeze that brings the stench of death,
  36. a hungry ox lowing sadly, still yoked to a plough,
  37. a ditch filled with bloated horses and dogs,
  38. a ruined, burned out freehold,
  39. a farmhouse full of desiccated corpses,
  40. seven men and three women holed up in a villa, waiting out the plague,
  41. an ignorant man peddling snake heads as a cure,
  42. a large pile of clothes, blood-spattered,
  43. a manor, closed off and barred, with music drifting from a window,
  44. a friendly necromancer, skeletons carrying a large pot in tow,
  45. a group drinking to oblivion in a tavern,
  46. a candle shop, abandoned in haste,
  47. a hangman who hanged himself,
  48. a crone selling medicinal flowers and perfumes,
  49. a cart with packages of pungent medicines and a dead cat,
  50. a wagon full of dead rats and birds,
  51. a gravedigger, philosophical and immune,
  52. an abandoned nephew with a broken leg,
  53. a sick builder killing himself in the street with a brick,
  54. a quantity of bodies laud out at the door,
  55. a trench with bodies stored like bales in a ship,
  56. a canal filled with bloating corpses,
  57. a raven perched on a skull, murmuring, "evermore,"
  58. an ominous green comet glows sickly in the sky,
  59. an unbeliever, hung for bringing the wrath of the spirits,
  60. a well, poisoned by the dead,
  61. a lynch mob after a local heretic poet,
  62. a stockpile of food, contaminated by the corpse of its owner,

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