Classy XP for Wizards, Thieves and Fighters

WTF the 5E light game doesn't really do XP, but maybe it should. So, here's a simple system. Based off this a bit. Hey, we're heading back to the Rainbowlands, so it's cool.

When you perform "deeds" and return to a safe haven and boast of them / prove them you gain XP as a die that you roll on the relevant XP table.
  1. Discover ancient and forbidden lore - roll on the Seeker of Secrets XP table (Wizard table).
  2. Retrieve treasure and loot from a 'dungeon' - roll on the Treasure Hunter XP table (Thief table).
  3. Defeat / study a nemesis or new type of creature and bring back a trophy - roll on the Warrior table (Fighter table).
  4. Invest proceeds in carousing / study / temple parties / foolish business ventures - i.e. the character's wealth gold is gone save for some change (Goldburner table).
Ideally, the difficulty / glory of the deed would determine the die. Basically, the deed has to be cool enough that telling the tale in a tavern would at least get the "heroes" a round of drinks and bed for the night. Something like this might work.
  • Drinks are on the house - 1d4
  • Hero of the hour - 1d6
  • Memorable - 1d8
  • They shall sing songs - 1d10
In practice, this is overcomplicated, so just a roll a 1d10, and the result also shows how impressed the townsfolk are.

Seeker of Secrets XP Table (Wizard)

  1. +1 to arcana or science or medicine, 
  2. +1 to religion or history or insight,
  3. learn new spell (1-3: 1st level, 4-5: 2nd level, 6: 3rd level),
  4. +1 to DC of one spell or +1d4 to effect of one spell,
  5. +1 to Intelligence or Wisdom or Charisma,
  6. +1 spell slot of (1-3: 1st level, 4-5: 2nd level, 6: 3rd level) or double scope of one spell,
  7. new familiar or increase die of one spell,
  8. learn new spell (1-4: 4th level, 5-6: 5th level),
  9. gain 1 bonus spell per short rest,
  10. +1 proficiency

Treasure Hunter XP Table (Thief)

  1. +1 to acrobatics or athletics, 
  2. +1 to perception or deception,
  3. +1 to mechanics (thieves' tools) or sleight of hands,
  4. +1 to investigation or stealth,
  5. +1 to Dexterity or Intelligence
  6. +2 to hp or sneak attack damage
  7. new expertise or +1 to AC in light armor
  8. gain advantage on surprise checks or +1 to hit with daggers or pistols
  9. gain 1 bonus action per short rest
  10. +1 proficiency

Warrior XP Table (Fighter)

  1. +1 to acrobatics or athletics, 
  2. +1 to animal handling or survival or an additional inventory slot,
  3. +1 to one save (roll 1d10: 1-3: Str, 4: Dex, 5-7: Con, 8: Int, 9: Wis, 10: Cha),
  4. +2 to attack or defence vs. one enemy type,
  5. +1 to Strength or Constitution,
  6. +4 to hp or +1 to damage with one weapon type,
  7. +1 to hit with one weapon type or +1 to AC in medium or heavy armor
  8. gain additional second wind
  9. gain 1 bonus action per short rest
  10. +1 proficiency

Goldburner Table (To Do)

  1. acquire a random and unusual potion (think purple lotus powder) or gain a boon that gives advantage to 1d6 checks with an ability of choice.
  2. +1 to a random save
  3. acquire a property, it is (1: a house, 2: an apartment, 3: a farm, 4: a house boat, 5: a house wagon, 6: a deed to a ruin)
  4. acquire a loyal henchperson (1: a wizard, 2: a thief, 3: a fighter, 4: a slave, 5: a fop, 6: an intelligent animal or plant)
  5. become inducted into a secret society of (1: inept amateur magicians, 2: corporate rogueish merchants, 3: dashing heroes, 4: underhanded navigators and adventurers, 5: local nobles, 6: local revolutionaries)
  6. acquire a masterful and possibly magical (1: weapon, 2: armor, 3: book, 4: steed or vehicle, 5: trinket, 6: toolkit or dice)
  7. +1 to a random stat
  8. acquire a stake in a business such as a (1: local brewery, 2: local food joint, 3: local metalworker, 4: local alchemical shop or druggist, 5: local protection racket, 6: local affiliated corporate security outfit)
  9. obtain a promise from a local shady cult of a (1: free reincarnation, 2: greater metachemical healing, 3: stored clone body, 4: teleportal intervention when you break this totally safe gas-filled bauble, 5: a one-use summoning figurine, almost certain to summon a demon under your control, 6: a single-use ten-hour sanctuary amulet)
  10. gain a bonus HD for hit point recovery or acquire a bonus feat or an additional bonus fatigue rank.


  1. I'm really liking this! Would be fun for a classless setup, not dissimilar to the RuneQuest/Elder Scrolls model.

    1. I actually run my D&D pretty classless. There are three broad classes: wizard, thief and fighter, which specify what is easier to level up and what is harder.

      It does give odd results sometimes, but that's fine for the story.