Ultraviolet Grasslands Area 17: New Moon

This is an excerpt from the upcoming update to my psychedelic doom metal para-apocalyptic RPG and art romp through the Ultraviolet Grasslands. The Stratometaship welcomes all in its voyages through the Rainbowlands.

Whispers only came to the Violet City of this oddity, a spherical moon come to Earth, suspended less than a bow-shot above the ashen soil of the Grassland. The mile-high sphere, dusty and cratered, mocks astounded travelers.

“By the Black Bosom of Vulkana! That thing is enormous!” exclaimed PT.

“Yes, the cosmographers believe the stuck-force holding it in place must be the largest in the world,” recited Poncho from the guidebook.

“Ah, throw that to the fish! That moon has room inside for treasures that would melt the hearts of the simpering sopranos of Saffranj!”


A blue-glow haze is the only light until noon, when the sun emerges, washed out and colorless, its rays are still fierce and burning. No water falls in the vicinity of the Near Moon, but in the eternal twilight beneath its bulk dank waters pool and bogs spread.

Misfortune (Charisma save DC 13, roll d6):

nauseated by the odd tides (lose 1d6 Con and Wis).
lost your cloak and hat to a freak wind.
fell into a bog and caught a cold (sneezing), also ruined a fine silk kerchief, if you have one.
acquired a fantastic belief that you are a lycanthrope and require raw, bloody meat to feed your inner beast. This passes once you are out of sight of the moon.
torn waterskins (lose 1 supply).
horribly bitten by bugs in the night (lose 1d4 Dex).


10 cash per week to stay in the Spectrum Lodge.


North-West, Moon to Spectrum Run (trail, ∆4 weeks): a well-marked trail leads towards the Spectrum Palace and the Ribs of the Father.

North-East, Moon River Ford (moon-haunted trail, ∆4 weeks): the accursed faces of forgotten times glare west and travelers fear to raise their eyes lest those grim visages steal their souls.

Encounters (d6):

  1. a ka-elemental (AC 10, HD 10, insubstantial) stalking in maddened decay, leaving ectoplasmic debris as it seeks a lost body to reposses, unmoored in its rage by the action of the moon’s odd tides. It is known that ka-elementals are often tied to ill-fortuned tombs and sites of some slaughter, perhaps valuable slaughter (2dx6 x 200 cash). 
  2. mysterious moonbirds (AC 14, HD 6, flock) descend in a mind-stealing flock and feed on strong emotional emanations. Sufficient moonbird feeding can cause ka-zombies (living dead). 
  3. ka-zombies (AC 10, HD 2, docile) tilling fields or working at repetitive tasks for their moonling taskmasters. 
  4. a friend-group of tin-hatted moonlings or moon quarterlings (AC 14, HD 2, good at throwing rocks) discussing ka-zombie maintenance and how to build a better moon-rock bubble-burrow. 
  5. a local clan of fisher quarterlings offering dried fish, nasty gossip, and cut purses - or, to nice people, a totally safe and dry burrow to sleep in. 
  6. a Spectrum Satrap self defence initiative (AC 18, HD 2, heavy) on patrol from a fordite coral kraals. 

Odd Tide Effects

Besides just severe nausea, the odd tides of the Near Moon, as it strains against the bonds and aeons old magical detritus that holds it close to the soil, also have other effects (roll d6 when the weather changes or once per week):
  1. soul dislocation: the tethers between souls and personalities are weakened, giving disadvantage to all Wis and Cha saves during this period. 
  2. troubled sleep: rest is half as effective and disadvantage to all Con checks. 
  3. delirious tides: disadvantage to all Int checks. 
  4. moon-walkers: all Dex checks have advantage. 
  5. bloody tides: all damage dealt with advantage, healing checks and rest half as effective. 
  6. days of inspiration: all Int and Cha checks have advantage.
The Ultraviolet Grasslands is a a psychedelic heavy metal rpg sandbox module to take a group of blundering PCs (or heroes) into the depths of the Ultraviolet Grassland in search of wealth and booty to pay back their adventuring loans. It started out with my tentative Patreon for people to donate a few bucks to my illustrations. Over time, I realized that I do not like getting direct monthly patronage and prefer money for content. The current model of the WTF Patreon is that I release a block of content, game world and art, when it's ready. Usually once a month.

If this sounds good to you, or you just know me because of all that art I get up to in other places, give it a try. It's potentially a lot more than a cup of coffee, which just goes to show you have great taste in games, writing, and—obviously—art.

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