Weird Treasures I of the Long, Long Ago

  1. Source cylinders are small, heavy metal magic batteries of ancient origin. They occasionally burst into flames, dealing 1d6 damage. (20 silvers, small)
  2. Wishing orbs are milky paradisoid spheres the size of an average-sized apple or an exceptionally large chicken egg. Fools use them as pleasure stimulants, shrinks use them as therapy aids, psychopomps deploy them as spirit journey assistive devices. (400 silvers, Enc 1)
  3. Aural ivory is scraped from the pseudo-organic deposits left by evaporating aural ectoplasm. Witches use it to balance auras, priests carve amulets from it and retirement operatives ingest it to detect synths. (20 silvers, small)
  4. Silver veins are chromatic, builder-grown synth-corals used to infiltrate organics. They've been successfully used as preservation materials, mutagens, deep sleep activators and astral voyaging launchers. (1000 silvers, Enc 1)
  5. Plaz cards are ancient synthetic artifacts of the long, long ago. Tsarists and Shkraets use them as writing materials for the traditional Kontakti Poetry and exchange them on Name Days and every Silver Ship Day. Some technomancers can read the magic waves in plaz cards. 5% function as keys in builder dungeons or work as machine instructionals. (1 silver for basic plaz cards, 100 silvers and more for keys or instructionals, small)
  6. Pearl card boxes are shiny and inscrutable magic devices of the long forgotten times with mouths for eating plaz cards. Sometimes they play back archaic Kontakti Poetry, other times they project astral ghosts and sometimes they eat plaz cards and stop working. Intact pearl card boxes are also highly valuable as abacus replacements and RAM input units. (500 silvers, Enc 1)
  7. Blue scrolls are slippery, semi-translucent scrolls with white diagrams in the Builder Script. Hardly readable, fragile but cherished by archivists. (100–2000 silvers, Enc 1)
  8. Burden-beast modulators are pearl and silver arks used to modify bio-engineered meat and read red cards. (5000 silvers, Enc 5)
  9. Plaz-man statues simulate life, with hard plaz eyes rolling under their carapaces. Rustumani levellers say they were builder child-rearing units and instructors, and should thus be entirely obliterated. (2000 silvers, Enc 10)
  10. Field-forcing modulators are semi-mythical magic golems that allow permanent, shaped fields of force and even projected sky-bridges. (10,000 silvers, Enc 12)
  11. Bronze spirdles are oddly-shaped bits of builder-matter that tend to accumulate near some sites. Wizards like to use them to bend rules and reality. According to Numi of the Many Facets of Metropolis, each spirdle is unique and assembling the correct order of spirdles will restore the builders to the broken world. (20 silvers, Enc 1)
  12. Trumpet-shaped artifacts are like spirdles, but preferred by Thieves. (20 silvers, Enc 1)
  13. Lunar scales are round and look like the moon, but function like spirdles preferred by Fighters. (20 silvers, Enc 1)
  14. Unvisibium tiles are small, flat, ceramic and invisible. Eyes slide off them and attention dissipates around them. There's quite a few of them, but nobody's really sure what to do with them. (20 silvers, Enc 1)
  15. Plaz sheaves are unmarked and unmarkable parchments made of plaz, but they are obviously valuable, because they come from long ago and carry traces of the mysterious old times. (10 silvers, small)
  16. Pliomass bricks are self-setting clay that biomancers can manipulate into new shapes with their thoughts, before becoming stiff again. (100 silvers, Enc 1)
  17. Beast-egg masses are programmable cellular clusters that can be encouraged to form new beasts, though biomancers struggle to replicate the successes of the ancients. (1500 silvers, Enc 3)
  18. House seeds are living-stone program/converter units. (600 silvers, Enc 2)
  19. OMM Boxes convert organics to source cylinder charges, as such they are rather valuable. (900 silvers, Enc 4)
  20. Crystal skull-spheres are little spheres with crystal skulls floating in them. Speculations abound about their use, but 10% of them do hold spells. (50–500 silvers, small)
Note: several small objects take a slot.

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