What Are These PCs? Species and Monsters

They are humans, and by humans ...

  1. Tsarists (imperialists, ducksmen, truefolk, landsmen, the many-shaded), bonuses to Str and Wis, Talents: lucky critical hits (x3 damage like half-orcs), advantage on saves vs. one type of attack (1: poison, 2: disease, 3: charm, 4: curses, 5: paralysis, petrification and polymorph, 6: death magic),
  2. Shkraets (wholemen, engineers, ratmen, lead-sniffers), bonuses to Con and Int, Talents: advantage to one skill, night vision,
  3. Potniks (travellers, thieves, gypsies, merchants, crafters), bonuses to Dex and Cha, Talents: lucky (re-roll 1s like halflings), expertise on one skill or kit,
There are also some inhuman monsters ...
  1. Weird Viles (skinchangers, soulbearers), bonuses to Int, Dex and Cha, penalties to Wis, Con, Talents: immortal, shapeshift, soul shift,
  2. Divyaks (wildlings, wolfmen, totemist monsters, natural slaves), bonuses to Str and Con, penalties to Int and Cha, Talents: totem, skin change, survival (like orcs, may recover from killing blow),
  3. Kentauri (bio-engineered warmachines, monsters of the steppes, related to harpies, satyrs, merfolk, trolls and giants), bonuses to Str and Con, penalties to Charisma and Wisdom, Talents: warmachines, fearless, rage, may be large, fast

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