The Stratometaship: A Patreon Vote Your Own Adventure

If you've been following this page for any length of time, you've noticed that I occasionally draw.

I've also got too many different, partially overlapping social media accounts - not least of which patreon (https://www.patreon.com/wizardthieffighter) - and I've been tossing around different ideas for what to do.

At one point, I thought to myself. Maps. But ... those are covered.

Then I thought ... adventures. But they're also covered.

Then I gave up for a bit and just chucked up a tip jar and said, "support pictures."

And that was fine for a while.

A pinkish moon rose and fell.

And I had an idea ... I don't know when/where I'll finish my first illustrated adventure OSR DND game supplement thing. But I realized I'll be drawing all the way till there ...

... and there should be something fun to do with patrons, that doesn't actually involve me doing bonus special extra features. I hate those. I want patreon to cover my papers and pens and things like Adobe CC subscriptions and the like, while letting me keep doing what I love: draw and paint surreal trippy DnD stuff.

So ...

... you're still reading?

Well, patrons get to participate in the stratometaship "vote your own adventure" and contribute to the journey taken.

And yeah, if, when, maybe the book comes out, of course they might get .pdfs and the like. ;)

So, that's the gist of it for now!


and related materials also appear here:
  • https://www.instagram.com/lukarejec/ - overlaps with cute penguins and non-dnd art.
  • https://www.facebook.com/wizardthieffighter/ - just starting up, a facetube alternative to G+.
  • https://plus.google.com/collection/ozEE2 - the Art of WTF collection, currently the largest receptacle of stuff for WTF.

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