The Fighter

_last of the classes I'll be needing ... hammering this out_

Class Features:
  • Hit Dice: 3d10
  • Hit Points: 20 + 3 * Con modifier
  • Spells: cost 3 hit points or ability points per spell level, cantrips count as level one, rituals vary.
  • Armor proficiency (roll d6): 1: light and shields, 2: light, shields and medium, 3–6: all armors and shields
  • Weapon proficiency: all weapons,
  • Tools (roll d6): 1: none, 2: iron chess set, 3: instrument (guitar, banjo, flute or fiddle), 4: smith's tools, 5: fletcher's tools, 6: leatherworker's tools,
  • Saving Throws (roll d6): 1–3: Str and Con, 4: Str and Dex, 5: Con and Dex, 6: Str and Cha
  • Skills: 2 skills, as per PHB (p. 72)
Starting abilities:
  1. Pick a fighting style (archery (+2 ranged), defense (+1 AC w armor), dueling (+2 dmg with 1h weapon and no shield), great-weapon fighting (reroll 1 and 2 with 2h weapon), protection, two-weapon fighting (add ability mod to second attack damage), 
  2. Second Wind (as PHB 72) - self heal for 1d10 + 3 hp per short rest,
  3. Action Surge (as PHB 72) - additional action, 2 times per short rest,
  4. Per subtype ...
  1. Improved Critical (19-20),
  2. Get up again, attack that reduces you to 0 hp reduces you to 1 hp instead, once per long rest,
Battle Master
  1. Combat Superiority (as PHB 73-74), 4d8 combat dice, 3 maneuvers, save DC 10 + modifier,
  2. Proficiency with one more tool set,
Weirding Knight
  1. blood-bound weapon, counts as magical, +2 damage for every 1 point of hit points or ability score burned,
  2. advantage on saves vs. fear and mind-affecting effects,
Wild Warrior
  1. Danger Sense (as barbarian, PHB 48), advantage on Dex saves vs. effects you can see,
  2. Reckless Attack (as barbarian, PHB 48), advantage on attacks, attacks against you also have advantage for rest of turn,
Martial Artist
  1. Unarmed Attacks deal 1d4 damage,
  2. Unarmored Defense (add Con or Wis modifier to AC when not wearing armour),
  3. Fast (+10' speed) when not wearing armour,
Slow-motion Sniper
  1. Sniper, no penalty on ranged attacks at long range,
  2. Bullet Time, can use reaction to dodge an incoming ranged attack (can declare before or after attack dice are rolled, but before damage is rolled),
Shield Maiden
  1. Shield Bash, can use reaction to shield bash attack an adjacent enemy, or an enemy that melee attacks the shield maiden (whether the attack hits or not),
  2. Turtle Up, the opposite of reckless attack: disadvantage on attacks, attacks on the shield maiden also have disadvantage for rest of turn,

... and then eventually you level up (sort of):
  1. +1 proficiency,
  2. gain 3 hp,
  3. gain 3 hp,
  4. gain 3 hp,
  5. gain 3 hp,
  6. increase movement speed by 5',
  7. improve 1 ability score by 1,
  8. improve 1 ability score by 1,
  9. extra attack,
  10. gain uncanny dodge (if already have uncanny dodge, can now also use bonus action for uncanny dodge),
  11. become expert in existing skill,
  12. learn new skill,
  13. learn new weapon,
  14. gain +2 to hit with existing weapon,
  15. increase damage die with existing weapon,
  16. gain +1 AC with armor type (light, medium or heavy)
  17. gain one feat (see PHB),
  18. improve 1 ability score by 2
  19. indomitable, twice per short rest you can reroll a saving throw that you fail,
  20. guided strike (as war cleric, PHB 63), once per rest add +10 to attack roll after seeing the result.


  1. I see you've come to the same conclusion as I regarding the Monk class: just make it a subtype of the Fighter.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Indeed. Or, if it's a very ninja and jumpy monk, a subtype of the thief / assassin. Or, if it's the monk that walks on water and jumps among the reeds, a subtype of the wizard.

    Really, the only distinguishing feature is: guy with no armor punches stuff with bare hands. The rest is detail.