Session 50: Paranoia and Pyromania

A mad scientist dentist, a barroom brawler known only as "Finisher", a bearded pistolero, a bearded golem, a charlatan alchemist and a skinchanger gentleman explorer walk into Death Frost Doom. "On the walls are depictions of Duvan'ku priests leading the innocent to unholy sacrifice. The priests all wear balloon pants, fashionable vests and statement tall hats." Gentleman Explorer, "Can't touch this." "Yes, the Duvan'ku are all indeed wearing hammer pants." ... "The crypts of the priests are full of mummies, liquid time ice sublimating away." "How many are there?" "You estimate more than a thousand." "We should burn them." ... Smoke rises from the top of the mountain, as the party systematically torches the mummies. Bless the PCs' dark, paranoid little hearts.



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It might look like I haven't been up to anything ... but the last few months have seen me drawing copiously. Thanks for your patience!