Hey, Don't You Have a New Blog & Ooh, Bookie!

No, I'm not shutting this blog down just yet. For now the new one (www.wizardthieffighter.com - go and book it) is focused on being a hub for hosting the stuff I draw that has an "epic" whiff of DnD, Grapeshot and Metal.


Do you want brains in machines, egotistical hedge wizards and a curio shop gone bad? Maybe not, but I'm telling you to check out this pay-what-you-want adventure by John Carlson anyway: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/198834/Automata-Run-Amok


Because it's fun. And because I illustrated it (but did not write the deputy). So go look at it.

I've also expounded on how it was made and why you might be interested: (http://www.wizardthieffighter.com/2016/6-automata-of-john-carlson/). It also has paper-geekery, where I detail the paper I used and the pens and suchlike.

Oh, and to make you feel better, here's a colored promotional detail of one of the pieces I drew for the adventure:


Art of WizardThiefFighter Gets its Own Site!

As of today, my G+ collection AoWTF has hit 521 posts. A respectable number, indeed.

Such a number, that even I have trouble navigating through them!

Well, from now on this will be much easier, as they will begin to move, along with some additional content (and ads, and donation boxes, and links, and patreon stuff) to www.wizardthieffighter.com.

Seriously, go there. Look at it. Marvel at it. Ride the Stratometaship.


Quaalude Iron Wicker Druid Man

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