Locations of Power and Wonder

Suddenly the curtains of densely falling (1: snow, 2: sleet, 3: powder, 4: slush, 5: dust, 6: hail) part and you see ...

  1. a tsarist nobles mound tomb. The entombed tsarist noble is (1: dead, 2: deceased, 3: an ex noble, 4: sleeping the weird sleep),
  2. a sky shrine with floating stones bringing visions of the mindless cosmic cacophony,
  3. a potnik fountain of fresh blood marble filled with sluggish life water,
  4. a resting cave, currently occupied by (1: the ghost of meals long eaten, 2: dust and bones, 3: a few fat merchants, 4: a hungry divyak family, 5: a mad shkraet trying to provoke the cave, 6: hatching cavelings),
  5. a half-buried shkraet knowledge box ticking gentle warm dreams,
  6. a kentauri blood sacrificial altar,
  7. a kentauri meadow of fear, thick with panic poppies,
  8. an overgrown genesis vat crypt and the bones of a long dead great burden beast,
  9. a skin shrine suspended in the branches of an ancient pine with hanging mummies of (1: wolves, 2: bears, 3: owls, 4: eagles, 5: foxes, 6: humans),
  10. a totem tower of sinew and bone and eyes and leaves dreaming organ dreams,
  11. a spirit den and spirit bear,
  12. a biomantic tree rife with carnal vegetation and body moddy soul droppings,
  13. a steel dragon cave with the rotting carcass of a steel dragon inside,
  14. a belt ascendance pillar (two more required) embedded in glassy sludge,
  15. a glass information bridge with burnt out mind ports,
  16. a sarcophagus of crystal remembrance obscured by fallen leaves. It contains (1: nothing, 2: bones, 3: a zombie memory priest, 4: a meatsack and a soul-eating vile sword, 5: an artificial princess, 6: a human with no memory of the present),
  17. a crater of celestial deliverance scattered with iron lunar sarcophagi glowing with the blue glow of rot,
  18. the mouth of a cancerous deep earth extraction vein oozing (1: mercury, 2: copper, 3: glass, 4: oil),
  19. a warped gravity field emplacement that bends gravity (1: amusingly, 2: perpendicularly, 4: slightly, 4: dangerously),
  20. a toxic heavy metal cleansing flower dying in geological time,
  21. a fluttering expanse of atmospheric exchange filaments,
  22. a broken travel field gate and half a whale skeleton,
  23. a temporal dilation barrow studded with little yellow flowers,
  24. a flickering, garbage-choked nutrition fulfillment unit,
  25. a mental hyperstim dome full of human skeletons,
  26. a vine-choked silvervein clinic full of amnesiac undying spirits,
  27. an escaped drugtree palm,
  28. a salivating meat-fungus cavern tunneling into the hillside,
  29. a black metal flesh to spirit converter,
  30. a hulking, concrete prism with a heart of steel and veins of rubber, the beast meat manipulation core.

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