6d6 Very Bad Prophecy Bad Quests

Kill the King with the

1. translated works of Heftum the Major.
2. incense of the half-hazarded lotus of happenstance.
3. golden tangerine of the Tulibrideis.
4. point of the mystic tooth of the Glowing Unidont of the Crystal Crater.
5. stone that held the sword.
6. ineffable wit of Fitzminster the Fool.

Crucify the Count with the

1. onion of Bitter Regret.
2. glazed chalice of Massiris the Manumited.
3. cockatrice of Baells.
4. cornucopia of the Gleaming Siren of the Red.
5. swaggering sword of Blue.
6. foreskin ornament of the Speed Demon.

Dismember the Duke with the

1. dogs of the demon lords Turmoil and Gastric Distress.
2. puce pulver of the dusty library of Es Borg.
3. hammer of mighty blunt-faced Thak.
4. chariot of clouds and rainbows of Jesus-Thor of the Unicorn Battalion.
5. snicketty shadows of the snarky salamander.
6. eggshell of the last egg of the first dragon Guy Roy.

Behead the Baron with the

1. badger of Three Trees.
2. bucket of Myrio the Minor.
3. fourteenth expectoration of the Ettin of the Etiolated Ridge.
4. cudgel of Cugel the Quick.
5. fizzling anti-acid tablet preserved in the casket of Charon the Navigator.
6. tree of the Holy Badger.

Murder the Marquis with the

1. money pouch of Titian the Truculent.
2. green halberd of Holding.
3. cold bamboo rod of tranquility.
4. map of the mysterious maquis of Mezzanotte.
5. pearl of Offal.
6. snail shell of the foaming Love Goddess.

Execute the Emperor with the

1. pylon of pink smoky quartz depicting the Ascendancy of Max.
2. stabby sword of Budzo the Bold.
3. crown of pure coal.
4. breastplate of the Execution of Improbabilities Twice.
5. tree of everglistening needles.
6. haddock of Hell.

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