Worms That Fight

Bearded blubber worm, AC: 10, HD: 8d12 (52 hp), Speed: Slow 20' (sudden extension),

Abilities: sudden extension (as a free action stretches up to 30' to attack a target and possibly pull it back), grappling beard (bitten enemy must save vs. paralysis or be entangled in the blubber worms blubby beard, entangled enemies are automatically attacked by soft slurping maw every round), blubber (takes no damage from bludgeoning weapons and half damage from slashing weapons), swallow (swallowed enemies must save vs. sleep each round and take 1 damage per round)

Attacks: +8 soft slurping maw 1d4 (swallows on a roll of 1), +5 rolling coils of blubber 2d6 (knock prone on a roll of 7, can attack up to 3 adjacent enemies with coils of blubber).

Bunny-eared bendy worm, AC: 10 (16 head), HD: 6d12 + 6 (45 hp), Speed: Slow 20' (sudden extension) or burrow (10'),

Abilities: sudden extension (as a free action stretches up to 20' to attack a target and possibly bite off a limb), nippy teeth (on a natural 15 to 20 it bites off a weapon or shield from the target, if the target has no weapon or shield, it's a hand that goes down the gullet), tough head (takes half damage from attacks to head, frontal ray or missile attacks have a 50% chance of being reflected), eruption (attacks from under the ground, high chance to surprise, deals 2d6 damage to all creatures within 15' from flying debris, save vs. knockdown), pull into tunnel (if it grabs a target to eat, it will pull it back into its burrow and try to escape with its meal).

Attacks: two bites in quick succession +9 nippy bite 2d8 (bites off item or limb on 15–20) and +7 grabby careful bite 1d4 and meal is 'grappled' (+7 to worm's grapple roll, additional 1d8 non-lethal damage per round).

Attacking the Bunny-eared bendy worm when it's carefully holding onto its meal has a 50% chance of hurting the meal.

Largiferous Leech of the Lich, AC: 8, HD: 6d12 + 1 (40 hp), Speed: Slow 20' (leap 'n' flip) or swim (30'),

Abilities: leap 'n' flip (leap up to 20' feat away, and on landing spin up to 180º doing 2d8 crushing damage in a 20' radius, save Dex DC 12 for half, free suckle attack after leap 'n' flip), writhing death throes (on 0 hp keeps writhing and dealing 1d8 crushing damage in a 10' radius for 1d8+1 rounds, save Dex DC 12 for half), blood is health (gain temporary hp equal to amount drained).

Attacks: +6 sucky suckle 3d6 (causes heart attack on a roll of 1, 1, 1) and +7 flabby whumpf 1d8 crushing damage.

A Largiferous Leech that feeds to bursting (suckles until its hit points total 100) erupts in a fountain of blood and gore, leaving at its core a innocent blood-omened child, drawn from across time and space to wade through rivers of blood and paint the heavens red with the lamentations of the weak and the wicked.

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